The Digital Divide

The world is rapidly becoming overrun by technology. It is near impossible to live day to day life without the use of some form of technology whether this be to look up bus and train times, look at menus in restaurants or paying for items.

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Nick’s Story

Independence Project has been a great Club for my son to attend. He is high-functioning ASD and has struggled to hold down employment and maintain social relationships since leaving full-time education. Following a spell of mental illness triggered by the difficulties faced in everyday life,

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Jamie’s Story

Jamie is our fabulous young man who is 20 years old. He has Down Syndrome and is autistic as well as having other sensory and dyspraxic difficulties. Jamie loves to be with people and wants to be sociable and involved in all that’s going on.

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Andrew’s Story

Andrew is a very placid, amiable young 21 year old man with minimal behavioural issues. He lives at home with his mum, dad and sister. His mother is his primary caregiver and he has good relationships with his family. Looking to the future we want Andrew

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