Nick’s Story

Independence Project has been a great Club for my son to attend. He is high-functioning ASD and has struggled to hold down employment and maintain social relationships since leaving full-time education. Following a spell of mental illness triggered by the difficulties faced in everyday life, especially vulnerability, the Independence Project was a key part of his week in the road to recovery. He always speaks fondly of the Club and he has learned many life skills which he is using going forwards now he is in supported independent accommodation.

The Club gives these young adults a group to be with in a safe environment, allowing them to enjoy activities together. The Staff take close interest in each individual and their unique needs to keep them moving forwards towards independence.

My hat goes off to Andrew for this venture, it’s not a 9 to 5 job, he cares about the future of these young people and is filling a gap in their lives as well as helping the extended families see them grow within themselves to give the best possible outcome for their future wellbeing.

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