Enabling People with Additional Needs to Achieve Independence​

Enabling People With Additional Needs To Achieve Life Skills Social Skills Confidence Independence

What we're about

Our mission is to enable people with additional needs to achieve Independence! Independence Project is on a mission to highlight the difficulties that young adults face and strives to make a difference to the lives of people and their families across Essex.

What we offer


Day Opportunities

We are fully on board with ECC and commissioned services can be secured for any individual the council is looking to place through a managed service.


Independence Clubs

Independence Clubs CIC was set up in June 2020 to provide care, support and relief for people with special needs, and to assist in the provision of facilities and training programmes with a view to improve the personal, physical and social development.

My Story

Supporting People In Employment

6% of working age adults with a learning disability in England are currently in employment. We think that this statistic is a shocking one that the country needs to face up to. Employers need to realise the benefits that employing people with disabilities brings them.

Personal Stories

Alex Land's a Job

Jamie's Story

Andrew's Story

our story

Parents would often come back to me amazed at what their child had achieved! Many of these young people were faced with great social isolation and found it difficult to fit into society. Read more

What our Members have to say

The difference that Independence Project has made to Andrew’s life is tangible and he engages in all the activities. Andrew is happy, safe and in absolutely the right place to grow and fulfil his potential. This is all we could possibly wish for Andrew and I am forever grateful to Andrew Denny and the team at Independence Project.
Heather Moore
Andrew's mum
Ben is in the process of transitioning from full time education to part time and because of his complex needs I was concerned about him becoming socially isolated and the impact a loss of structure and routine would have on him. Independence Project has provided him with socially inclusive experiences while also looking at his employability skills and covering the basics of education which has enabled him to grow in confidence and look forward to his future.
Gill Reeve
My son is with the Independence Project every Thursday, learning employability skills, social skills and having fun. Last week Andrew helped him put together a cv and then in the afternoon they went bowling and played pool. Andrew has a good relationship with the individuals he works with.​
Dee Coe
The Independence Project is the most amazing, positive place for our young people. All of the staff are so positive and cheerful and make it a really fun and relaxed place to be. Jamie wouldn’t have coped as well last year without the help and support of Andrew and his team – thank you all so much.
Jo Jeyes
Jamie's mum

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